Welcome to Shari's "T"

Welcome to Shari's "T"

Welcome to Shari's "T", a blog created to inspire and educate our readers about Tea, Travel & Tax. My name is Shari and I'm an entrepreneur, tea connoisseur, former airline executive and tax attorney. Come on a journey with me as we explore all things "T" (i.e. Tea, Travel & Tax).


Tea and I go way back. I'm the daughter of Jamaican immigrants who migrated to Miami, Florida in 1979. As you may or may not know Jamaica is a former British colony, which means we are big tea drinkers (long-standing Jamaican tradition). Whether it's with our breakfast, in social settings, or simply to just "run di gas" ( to alleviate abdominal gas pains) you can count on a Jamaican to offer you either: (1) ginger tea, (2) mint tea, (3) cerasee tea, (4) sorrel/hibiscus tea (usually during the holidays), and so many more. In my twenties I moved to London, where my love of tea grew. I began experimenting with earl greys, English breakfast teas, and even putting milk in my tea. Don't knock it until you try it. Through these experiences I'm able to share with you, my readers, about tea pairings with foods, tea cocktails, homeopathic teas, and much more.


After returning to the States in my mid-twenties, I started my career with one of the largest airlines in America. Anyone who works for an airline could tell you that it is truly a special place. Honestly, one of my favorite jobs. Working for the airline afforded me the opportunity to see different parts of the world, experience different cultures, and truly have an appreciation for life. In this blog, well talk about the current state of travel, hot destinations to visit, and secrets of the travel industry that only insiders know.


I know some of you may be asking yourself what does a tax attorney even do? People have asked me everything from do I work for the IRS to do I file people's taxes. The short answer to both of those questions is NO. Although a tax attorney can do both of those things, I specialize in Mergers and Acquisitions of Partnerships. Most tax attorneys specialize in tax law and advise their clients on tax related matters. So if you ever wonder how an extremely rich person doesn't pay that much in taxes, it's probably because they have a really good tax attorney. Listen, I'm a firm believer in taxation but I'm also a firm believer in fairness. If the information is out there, everyone should not only have access to it, but access to someone who can interpret it. In this blog we will discuss new tax laws as well as tax tips and tricks that I've come across in practice.

Having all three of these experiences in my life which coincidentally all start with the letter "T" brought me to this point where I decided to create a blog about Tea, Travel, and Tax. Follow me on this journey as I interview friends, colleagues, and just be SHARI.


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